High-Brow Low-Brow Dipsticks Quiz Game


Two types of questions, just one answer! Will you choose high-brow or low-brow?

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In this High-Brow Low-Brow Dipsticks Quiz Game, there’s just one right answer, but two different ways of asking the question. Which will you pick?

To play, dip in and choose a stick. You can their either ask the high-brow or low-brow question. They both have the same answer, but the high-brow questions scores 2 points while the low-brow scores 1. It’s all down to how confident the players are.

This game contains 160 question cards and is recommended for 2 or more players aged 7+. It’s an excellent gift or self-treat for fun nights in or car trips.

Best of all, each purchase goes towards accelerating cures and helping those affected by brain tumours!